Boys With Wings

Boys With Wings.


A Sneak Peak Look at THE COLLECTOR

We are almost nearing the middle of the year and J. J Brits has been writing up a storm. He is currently working on his second Word Portrait collection, THE COLLECTOR, containing themes of magic, unsettling scenes and a love story for those who doesn’t necessarily believe in ‘the one’. In this all new original bundle, he will also explore the world of looting pirates, mystical water beings known as Myriads, dive into a dangerous adventure where a certain anti-hero seeks out to find the lost writings of a ghost writer, and add a twist to each tale in his unique way.

Here is a sneak peak at the dummy cover, as well as an extract from one of the Word Portraits…







“the obscure man knew the realm of dreams like the back of his hand

he knew where to find horrible things;

serpents & spiders & deformed mountain imps

he knew where to tread, how not to get caught;

while man, woman & child was awake


even for a man of his unique ability

there were some places in the dream world he did not visit

yet, he had twelve hours each day

free to roam detested sceneries thought up by mind;

to gather horrors in vials & square wooden boxes

while avoiding countless tempting souls simply drifting;

taunted by those who lived & could dream & invented nightmares while they slept


each night the obscure man chose a new victim

he was gifted with observation;

he never struggled to find the weakness hiding inside a person

it had never been necessary for him to return to a previous victim

once his work was done,

the dreamer would fear falling asleep

for this was the obscure man’s doing;

to haunt the world into consciousness”

Silly Things Still To Come In 2014

It’s obvious that the start of 2014 has been a way-ward roller coaster, with far too many loops, a corkscrew here and there, and a few unseen twists…

At the back of my mind I realize that this is just the beginning. Thank the stars we are not in a theme park, right? The thing is that we aren’t – however it would explain a lot. This is life and it’s heading our way at a speed we aren’t always prepared for. Still, I like to stay positive. Things haven’t yet gone sour, despite days where we feel like we have become part of the cast of The Walking Dead. Speaking of zombies, I’m busy with a story wherein the undead will feature, but it follows only later.

I was also in the mood for a good old Afrikaans flash-tale (flitsverhaal). This will follow sooner since it’s in editing stage as we speak. So, it’s safe to say that I am working on something for everyone.

Then, of course, there are three long term projects making good progression seeing that I’d like to finish at least two out of the three before the end of winter. Can’t wait to give fans and friends a sneak peak…so stay tuned.

A physical project is also under construction at the moment. I’ve been exposed to the possibilities of frames, enamel paints and the creating of actual portraits containing my works. I’ve done three already, each belonging to special persons with available space on their walls at home. If you are interested in something of the likes, please let me know…


J. J Brits

What’s planned for 2014?

words for friends - bundle 20142014 started off with a bang. Not in the literal sense, glad to say. But I am sure fans and friends would be pleased to know that a couple of writing projects are under way and will find themselves on my blog in due time.

At the moment I am busy with a very exciting project.

I intend to create a Word Portrait bundle each year, as a start off project to get myself (and my creative mind) in the writing zone it deserves, so for 2014 I decided to write a collection of special Word Portraits of which most are dedicated to fans and close friends.

To read these Portraits (some has already been added) find them under the Word Portrait tab on the main page, then click on words for friends – bundle 2014.

Please don’t be shy to share your comments!


J. J Brits